Cool Things With Sharp and Dangerous Objects

Do you like sword fighting, knife throwing, cracking whips, archery, or playing with rope darts, spears or axes?

That’s the kind of thing we like too!

What is Swordpunk?

Swordpunk is an alternative weekend of combat skills. This isn’t about hierarchy, getting belts or being graded. It’s about teaching you skills such as sword fighting, knife throwing, rope dart, whip cracking, archery and spear fighting. It’s about sitting down to eat together, swimming in lakes and sitting around a fire with people you’ll want to make friends with and stay friends with for a long time after the event.

Swordpunk is not about being excluded because you don’t have this or that skill. Swordpunk is about finding ways to teach you skills you want to learn – whether you’ve never picked up a weapon in your life, you’re a performer who wants to learn to crack a whip, a re-enactor who’s never fought with fire swords or a martial artist who needs to polish up on your Winden am Schwert.

Swordpunk is our attempt to teach and share real skills – with the added bonus of making us feel like adventurers.

We have a very wide range of workshops running over the weekend, but there is always the freedom to wander off and spend time practising skills at your own pace – or just to wander off and explore the grounds of the estate! Go for a swim in the lake or a stroll through the sculpture park.


We’re working hard to bring you a wide range of workshops and training sessions, from sword fighting to armoured combat demonstrations.

To give you a flavour of what to expect, the schedule from Swordpunk III in May 2016 looked  a little something like this:


Session 1: Sword Fighting, Whip Cracking, Spear fighting, Archery, Knife throwing
Session 2: Sword Fighting, Rope Dart, Spear fighting, Archery, Axe throwing
Session 3: Bow Duelling, Whip Cracking, Spear fighting, Archery, Knife throwing
Session 4: Spear throwing, Rope Dart, Spear fighting, Archery, Axe throwing
Evening: Fire Circle and Fire Performances, Drumming, Swashbuckling, Feasting & Merry Making


Session 1: Open training with instructors on hand for one to one training
Session 2: Test Cutting (cutting targets with live swords), Armoured Combat Demonstrations
The Knightly Art of the Longsword, Knife and Tomahawk Throwing, Atlatl, Archery, Spear Fighting, Rope Dart, Whip Cracking
Afternoon: Free training, A chance for more 1 to 1 training with instructors, Archery Battles, Games and More Feasting Leading Up to the After Party


At Swordpunk you’ll pick up new skills and work on the ones you already have before putting them to the test in the infamous Fire Circle. What’s more, you’ll be surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscape you’ve ever seen.

The Novice

"There were plenty of skills on offer over the weekend. Swords, it turned out, were not for me but throwing knives I loved! There’s something very satisfying about hurling blades around. We had plenty of time to try out everything, and to focus on the things we particularly enjoyed. All the instructors were enthusiastic, skilled and (luckily for me) extremely patient!

The training culminated in an assault course involving the skills we had learned and we spent the time between sessions exploring the beautiful grounds,
chatting around the bonfire and making new friends."

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The Warrior

"Swordpunk is unique amongst martial arts events I have attended in being equally useful to the absolute novice as to the most grizzled of veterans. Each exercise could be taken at face value, demonstrating a simple mechanic, or developed into much more complex plays.


Dan has an exhaustive vocabulary of techniques, so after
the briefest of discussions each student is sent off on a task appropriate to their particular skill level. The course allows students to focus on weapons and disciplines which are of particular interest to them, but combines all in a climactic assault course, beset with challenges both martial and physical worthy of the
Crystal Maze."

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Circus Skills Artist

"Swordpunk was a wonderfully weird weekend in a beautiful location. I got to learn knife throwing with a master, practice my whip cracking and rope dart and get into the basics of sword combat.


The atmosphere was friendly and welcoming and I met some great people. I would recommend this to anyone looking for something different. Go if you have always secretly wanted to release your inner warrior!"

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The Adventurer

"I’ve never spent that much time around martial arts. There’s just too much discipline and too much training. There’s not enough silliness and sharing. Swordpunk is one of the few environments where I have the opportunity to learn and practice such a wide range of frankly awesome skills – and I get to do that surrounded by frankly awesome individuals - individuals for whom learning and sharing skills is more important than competition, grading and hierarchy.


Going to Swordpunk feels like the ultimate adventure training camp, but it also feels like a holiday with new friends that you’ve been waiting to meet. As amazing as it is to be able to spend the days learning to throw knives and clash swords, it’s even more amazing to jump into lakes and spend the evening sat around a fire, the banter and conversation flowing."

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